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Watch Your Child Grow

Fridays 4:30 pm, Level 2 mixed ages


Fridays 5:30 pm, Level 2 mixed ages


Saturdays 9:45 am, Level 3 mixed ages 


0-4 years

Did you know what some of the benefits of a mixed ages class are?


*Development of a steady beat--essential for playing instruments and sports later in school years. Music=Sports.

*Rhythm Notation: Quarter Notes & Rests.

*Development of a healthy singing voice.

*Beginning Ensemble Skills: playing at specific times during a

song; changing instruments at certain times in a song.

*Waiting for our turn during  certain parts of a song.

*Musical direction: up & down

*Tempo: Fast, Slow, Accelerando.

*Listening: exploration of instrument timbre; animal sounds, and sounds found in nature and around town.

*Songs/rhymes from a diversity of cultures.

*Musical Contrasts: High/Low, Quiet/Loud.

*Exploring, creating movement, and playing to musical concepts such as crescendo, decrescendo, piano, forte, staccato and legato.

*Introducing social skills: patience, cooperation, team-building, leadership and mastery of essential school-ready skills like self-regulation, and self-control.


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