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Crickets, Canaries and Songbirds as an after-school program


What is Crickets, Canaries and Songbirds??

The singing program Crickets, Canaries and Songbirds was created in 2015, and is primarily a performance-based curriculum for young children who are eager to learn singing but are either not yet ready to participate in a private voice studio, or would rather participate in a more informal group setting. In CCS sessions they receive their first primer in vocal technique, they are introduced to basic theory (solfege, music scales and triads), and they start singing--and building a song repertory appropriate in age and tessitura. They also have a LOT of fun--many games and activities are built in to help learning their song lists,  reinforce theory concepts (scales, note names), and strengthen their musicianship skills necessary to sing later in a choir or to pursue private lessons in voice (sight-reading music, and ensemble singing).

In our class we will:

Learn fun songs and games throughout the semester that are age-appropriate, and do not abuse, overextend or push the young voice.

Learn to sing with a healthy technique with teachers with expertise in pediatric vocal science incorporating the most current research and practices.

Learn beginning sight-reading, scales, and theory requirements for the preparatory level of standardized singing programs like ABRSM, and RCM.

Receive supporting materials that will help students learn their songs at home, as well as careful warm-ups for home-practice, and activities and work-sheets that reinforce theory concepts built in class.

Prepare a small, informal performance for the last session, where parents may attend and children can have their first experiences of a performance and audience in a nurturing environment.



$270 a semester, per student. Each semester, includes classes, supporting materials, and an informal performance. The program requires at least four children signed up for the studio to offer the program at your school.


Call us:

(408) 638-0150


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