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Songbirds--Learn to Sing!

Age Range: 7 years – 10 years old
Class Length: 45 minute class with a caregiver
Session Length: Held twice a week with scheduled breaks (see calendar at bottom of page)



Our signature singing program for singers ages 7 and above. Through games and fun activities we learn to read music, learn our do re mis (solfege), how to sing with a healthy voice, sing and learn a ton of age-appropriate songs, as well as explore singing two part polyphony (two-voice choir). Our singing director is an experienced professional singer, with credits that include solo performances at Carnegie Hall, the San Francisco Symphony, and over 20 years of teaching experience with degrees in both voice performance, and music education.


  • Give your baby the perfect start in life, both musically and developmentally.

  • Your little one will explore new sounds and sensations.

  • You'll babble, hum, and dance together--all key ingredients in your baby's development of early social skills.

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